"Every woman could be the most beautiful in her own way"

Byrne Victor - A Legendary Creator of Beauty

Doctor Byrne Victor, a renowned skincare specialist in the 18th century, was a pioneer of the mystery of youth. He believe that every woman could look her most beautiful possible by using quality skincare.

 Today, more than 200 years later, this belief continues to shape the world of beauty and is confirmed by the skincare industry again and again.

Born in a small town in Austria, Byrne Victor learned dermatology from his father as a child and spent his entire life in this field. To cure his genetic skin disease, he attempted many therapies on himself but only worsened the situation. Tortured by the disease, he seldom went out until the age of 35, when he finally worked out a mysterious formula that not only cured his skin disease but also made his skin as smooth and soft as a newborn baby. This legend astonished his country and soon spread all over Europe. His invention was zealously worshipped and pursued by many aristocrats and celebrities thereafter.
With his revolutionary approach to skincare, Doctor Byrne Victor inspired a new era of customized beauty solutions that have continued to evolve to this day. His belief that every woman can look her most beautiful self is still true today and has become a cornerstone of the beauty industry.
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In 1800, the House of Habsburg's Francis II, King of Austria, graced Byrne with his presence, changing the fate of the Victors forever. Impressed by Byrne's expertise, the King requested that Byrne bring the "Ageless Mystery" to Queen Josephine, wife of Napoléon. Byrne promised to keep the enigmatic formula a secret until the Queen's passing, sealing the deal with a nod of his head and a firm handshake.

Years passed, and the world was plunged into the chaos of World War II. To protect themselves from the ravages of war, the Victors sought refuge in the United States. In 1945, VII Byrne Victor, one of Byrne's descendants, established the first luxury club for bespoke skincare in New York. Thus, VIIcode was born, named after the prestigious VII Identity Club. To maintain their air of exclusivity, VII maintained a low profile and only accepted members of high social standing, avoiding any unwanted attentioion.Today, VII remains committed to fulfilling Byrne's promise of luxury and exclusivity. The brand's products incorporate the age-old secrets of the "Ageless Mystery," using only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal results. Each product is designed to deliver a unique and personalized experience, taking the individual's skin type and concerns into account.

VII's legacy is one of opulence and secrecy, evoking a sense of mystique and exclusivity. The brand's commitment to quality and individualized attention has earned it a reputation as a leader in the luxury skincare industry. Choose VII for a brand that promises to deliver the ultimate in indulgence and transformation.